Top Upgrades to a Serious Gamer’s Arsenal

Having the proper processor and specs of the computer are probably the most important thing to have when it comes to gaming. That doesn’t mean that those who are serious about their games have nothing left to upgrade when they have gotten a quality PC. Some of the most exciting pieces of a gamer’s arsenal include the keyboard and the mouse, as well as other products that are designed to make them more efficient and get the job done better.

The keyboard makes a difference because a great gaming keyboard will require only a fraction of the force necessary to push down its buttons, so that computations can occur in a fraction of a second comparable to the other keyboards that are more geared for typing.

The mouse of the gamer is equally as important. The mouse has a variety of different features, including customizable weights and buttons, and other features that enable the gamer to make the most of their hand and tailor the buttons to the particular game that they are playing.

Sound is another important aspect for gamers who are serious about what they are playing. There are speakers and headphones, and each has benefits and advantages, but it all really boils down to preference.

Top Upgrades for a Gamer

The Logitech 810

This gaming keyboard features backlighting and programmable keys, two of the most popular functions of gaming keyboards. This particular design features snappier keys than some of the other popular keyboards, and is simplistic and minimal in its approach. It’s a great option for those who are wanting to get a little more out of their particular keyboard.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This impressive gaming mouse features 11 programmable buttons and controls, as well as customizable lighting. But one of the most impressive parts about this particular gaming mouse is the ability to customize the weight, with its 6 removable 3.6-gram weights. The customizable lighting features 16.8 million different possible colors. While that many aren’t exactly necessary, it helps to know that whatever color someone wants will be available, plus about 16 million more.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

This gaming headset is absolutely phenomenal. It is affordable, at around 70 USD, and while it doesn’t feature surround sound, it has all the necessary qualities of a great gaming headset. Unless someone is dying for true surround sound in their headset and would want to go with a higher-end model, the HyperX Cloud from Kingston should do just fine in being everything in a gaming headset that someone was looking for.

Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers

For those that are looking for speakers as opposed to headphones, these speakers are more than capable of doing the job. They are a bit pricey, at around 400 USD, but more than make up for it in sound quality. These speakers are compatible with a Mac or a PC, and feature Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters as well.

Whether someone is a competitive, professional gamer or just an amateur getting the hang of the new games, being able to invest in a new game. Upgrading the mouse, keyboard, or sound system of a computer is going to have a big impact on the way that someone plays their games. It’s important to first and foremost invest in the actual computer, as it is what will actually be running the games. But aside from the computer, the most important things to free cell phone spy upgrade to are those that are listed above.

Go forth and upgrade where you will, the most important thing with games is to have fun and enjoy them.


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